Bethenny Frankel Rips Popular Vacation Destination in TikTok Rant

Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel's recent tropical getaway was not quite what she expected. The former Bravo personality has gained more than two million views on a single TikTok video after she offered up a hilariously scathing review of Mykonos, the Greek island that happens to be a celebrity hotspot, which she gave a "Myko-Nos."

In a lengthy rant, Frankel warned her followers not to travel to the popular island, warning them that if they are spending their money on a vacation and "want to cherish your time" and "feel like it was time well spent... this is not for you." Although Frankel praised Mykonos for its natural beauty, she compared the island to "Vegas on New Year's Eve," saying that it is the perfect getaway spot for those who "want to be pushed and shoved and wasted," want to "get blackout and you want your thong up you're a-," and want to "not remember anything and to like lose everything you own." Frankel said she was sharing her review because she did "not want you to waste your money."


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"I'm telling you emphatically. I do not stutter," she said. "Everybody on my boat, we thought maybe we'd come for three days. We came for one night and we were all like, 'I never want to come here again as long as I live.' I never want to come here again. It is disgusting. That's how I not come here unless you just want to be on Girls Gone Wild."

While it seems unlikely that a return trip to Mykonos will be on Frankel's itinerary anytime soon, the RHONY star doesn't have to write off the Greek islands completely. After watching Frankel's scathing review of the popular island, many of her followers jumped in the comments section to offer up a few alternatives. One person told Frankel, "you went to Mykonos! The party island," before advising, "if you want to relax you got to Paros." Another of Frankel's followers who happened to be Greek admitted, "there are way more beautiful islands to visit and more appealing for tourists than Mykonos," with another suggesting that the reality TV personality check out "the islands in the Ionian Sea," which they said "are authentic, laid back and awesome. Kefalonia, Corfu, Lefkada."


Thankfully, Frankel's Geek getaway didn't seem to be all bad. Despite the Mykonos hiccup, the RHONY star seemed to be enjoying her vacation as she continued to document her trip on her account. In one video, she shared off various clips from her trip, including the mouth-watering food she was enjoying and the beautiful scenery, captioning the video, "a country with 6,000 islands in the sun."