Why Bethenny Frankel Just Slammed the Kardashians

Real Housewives of New York City alum Bethenny Frankel might not be on the show anymore, but she still manages to engage in her fair share of drama. This time around, Frankel is taking aim at the Kardashian family, per TMZ. The former Bravo personality has an issue with the Kardashians photoshopping, as she believes that it affects "regular" women in a negative way.

Frankel was in New York City when she spoke with TMZ about the famous family. She told the outlet that the reality stars are making American mothers feel bad because they aren't upfront about the fact that their wealth has enabled them to get cosmetic surgeries and to hire professionals who can Photoshop any images that they may post on Instagram. Frankel said that it's an especially tricky subject for her as the mother of a 12-year-old daughter.

"I speak to a lot of moms, I'm over 50 and moms feel insecure," Frankel said. "They're trying to get out the door, they're trying to get their kids to school and they don't have time to do all of this nor do they even know how to with the technology. I wouldn't even know how to do that [photoshop an image], I had to have a team help me do that."

"It's not fair to women that are just trying to get by," she continued. "They can't compete with that. And what's happening is the more and more you see these images, the more we think they're real." The RHONY alum added, "It's irresponsible. It's reckless. It's not inspirational. It's not aspirational. It's destructive ... the playing field becomes absolutely not level and when you're already billionaires, you have access to so much more than the average American and the average mother."


Frankel referenced her own take on this matter, which she posted to Instagram. She posted a photoshopped version of herself in a bikini and then the unedited image to shine a light on how harmful it can be to present a false ideal to the public. Alongside the images, she wrote, "Filtering is lying: it is deceptive. It makes women feel badly about themselves. It makes young girls insecure and obsessed with an unattainable perfection. It makes middle aged women and mothers feel insecure about themselves. This creates a false ideal for men. It's the opposite of inspirational. It's destructive." Frankel went on to write, "There is a line between making an effort to look pretty and an outright falsehood."