Beth Chapman Ropes in Son Leland and Other Children While Saying Daughter Lyssa Snubbed Her on Mother's Day

Beth Chapman is not happy with stepdaughter Lyssa Chapman at the moment. And now she's pulling in some of her other children to reinforce her side of the apparent squabble, soaking up sympathy from fans, while noting she is doing fine.

Thursday morning saw Chapman drop a loaded thread of tweets on social media, calling out Lyssa Chapman for not reaching out on Mother's Day while texting friends well wishes for the day.

"I'm very disappointed today. Knowing that not only did my daughter, [Lyssa Chapman] not acknowledge me on Mother's Day yet texted some of my friends wishing them a [happy Mother's Day]She decides to exclude her dad and I from ABBIES graduation On Friday," Chapman wrote in the tweet. "I would have moved a mountain to be there."

(Photo: Twitter / Beth Chapman)

The message had fans circling with support for Chapman, reaching out with prayers and hopes that the family can come back together. One fan actually brought out a response from Chapman with her message.

"Beth I am so heartbroken for you! From what I have seen over the years of watching your show, you would do anything for your children," the fan wrote to Chapman. "Life is too short. I pray Lisa will come around. Happy belated Mother's Day Beth."

Chapman responded letting the fan know that she is definitely not alone, even if her stepdaughter has turned a cold shoulder.

"My lil ones are here and [Leland Chapman], [Cecily Chapman] and [Jamie Chapman] come as often as possible," the reality star wrote.

Chapman also offered an explanation for why she decided to write out a private message to her daughter on a public forum.

"[I've] only got a few things to look forward too. Our kids can be hurtful sometimes. I just hate that the grandkids get tied up in mom's mess," Chapman said. "[She] doesn't answer my calls and has us blocked, so I'm going to reach my child how [ever] I see fit."

Lyssa did post what seems to be a response on her own Twitter feed, using just an emoji of a hot tea cup and a gif saying, "You cannot lie when I have receipts."


It is hard to tell what would have caused the drama between the two at this point. Lyssa Chapman reportedly patched up her relationship with her father and stepmother back in 2018. She even posted a message of support for Beth following the return of her cancer in November, including a photo of the two together on Instagram.

"It's the most hurtful act to not acknowledge the woman who gave you life or [the one who] saved it. It's a thankless job sometimes and one that requires [patience] and forgiveness," Beth Chapman tweeted later in the morning. "[I've] been blessed with my kids and my bonus kids I love them all equally."