Beth Chapman 'At Peace' With Dog the Bounty Hunter in New Father’s Day Photos

Beth Chapman marked Father's Day with a peaceful pair of Instagram photos this week of her [...]

Beth Chapman marked Father's Day with a peaceful pair of Instagram photos this week of her husband, Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman.

dog the bounty hunter fathers day
(Photo: Instagram/Beth Chapman)

On Sunday, June 10, Chapman posted a photo of Dog sitting on a ledge in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. "At peace with my love," she wrote, adding "[Father's Day] coming up don't forget the man in your life." She also added a kiss emoji.

On Tuesday, June 12, Chapman posted another photo from the Colorado trip, posing with her husband. Both were all smiles. "Had an amazing weekend together... now back to reality," she wrote in the caption.

dog the bounty hunter fathers day 2
(Photo: Instagram/Beth Chapman)

That reality meant heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where the couple plan to spend Father's Day weekend. Chapman posted a photo of Dog standing on boardwalk near the beach.

The Chapmans have been together for three decades. Dog recently showed his love of Chapman by getting her first name tattooed over his heart.

"Seriously dedicated," Chapman wrote in the caption to a photo of the new ink in May. "Love this guy."

Chapman also shared a rare photo of their 18-year-old daughter Bonnie on Instagram. The couple are also parents to son Garry. They both have children from previous relationships.

Fans recently expressed concern for The Chapmans, since they live in Hawaii, where there were volcanic eruptions on the Big Island. Thankfully, the family said they are safe since they are located on Oahu, several islands from the volcano.

dog the bounty hunter fathers day 3
(Photo: Instagram/Beth Chapman)

"We good guys, it's not on our island," Chapman wrote on Instagram. "Love to everyone thanks for all the concern .. prayers for Puna."

The 64-year-old Chapman and her husband gained fame as the stars of A&E's Dog the Bounty Hunter from 2004 to 2012 and CMT's Dog and Beth: On the Hunt from 2013 to 2015. Last fall, they appeared in the two-hour A&E special Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives, which centered on Chapman's fight with throat cancer. Thankfully, she has been doing much better, although she often wears a scarf or collars to cover scars from her September 2017 surgery.

In an interview with Fox News in November, Chapman said the couple enjoys sharing every update on their lives with fans, even her battle with throat cancer.

"After doing a lot of research about it, I just felt that being open and honest with our fans, who've been so loyal to us for so many years, was the best thing to do," Chapman explained. "There are literally hundreds of fans that contact me on a day-to-day basis that say, 'I watch you every day while I'm doing my radiation.' 'I'm watching you every day while I do chemo.' And those words just didn't resonate as they should have, or as they do now."

Dog and Chapman currently do not have a show, but their fans continue to ask for more, especially since A&E still airs reruns.

Photo credit: Instagram/ Beth Chapman