Beth Chapman Not Happy With Stepdaughter Lyssa's Mother's Day Snub, Tags Her in Post

Beth Chapman is not happy with her stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star took to Twitter to put "Baby Lyssa" on blast for shutting her out.

(Photo: Twitter / @MrsdogC)

"I'm very disappointed today. knowing that not only did my daughter [Lyssa] not acknowledge me on Mother's Day yet texted some of my friends wishing them a [happy Mother's Day] She decides to exclude her dad and I from ABBIES graduation On Friday," Beth wrote on Twitter Thursday morning. "I would have moved a mountain to be there."

She continued, lamenting the fact that "not being invited to my granddaughter's graduation when she [is] graduating a year early is a huge milestone to miss."

When one fan asked why Beth, 51, was calling Lyssa out publicly on Twitter, she wrote, "Because she doesn't answer my calls and has us blocked so I'm going to reach my child how I see fit."

Lyssa, 31, is the daughter of Duane "Dog" Chapman and his third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain. The two were married from 1982 to 1991 and had two other children: Barbara Katie Chapman, who died in a car crash in 2006, and Tucker Dee Chapman.

In all, Duane has 11 children, although two suffered early deaths: Barbara and his and second wife Anne Tegness' son Zebediah, who died shortly after birth in 1980.

With Chapman, Duane has two children: daughter Bonnie Chapman and son Garry Chapman. Beth, who had two children from her previous marriage, frequently refers to her stepchildren as her "bonus" kids, and did so again on Thursday.

"It's the most hurtful act to not acknowledge the woman who gave you life or [the one who] saved it. It's a thankless job sometimes and one that requires [patience] and forgiveness," she tweeted. "[I've] been blessed with my kids and my bonus kids I love them all equally."

When one fan wrote that they were "very sad" because Beth was "always on [Lyssa's] side about everything," Chapman wrote that "[I'm] still on her side [I'm] just disappointed at her priorities and her choices."

"My life would not have been the same without them however at the end when they are not there you wonder if you ever meant anything to them at all," she wrote, referring to her fight with throat and lung cancer. She revealed on Mother's Day that she was not undergoing chemotherapy treatments and had placed all her faith in God.


Lyssa has two daughters: Madalynn, who she had in 2009 with ex-husband Bo Galanti, and Abbie, who was born the day after Lyssa's 15th birthday.

Although Lyssa hasn't always had the best relationship with her family, she asked fans to "pray" for Beth in 2018 amid the discovery that Chapman's throat cancer had spread to her lungs.