Beth Chapman Memorial: Duane 'Dog' Chapman Battles Back Tears in Energetic Speech

Duane 'Dog' Chapman took the stage at the memorial Beth Chapman in Colorado and let his emotions [...]

Duane "Dog" Chapman took the stage at the memorial Beth Chapman in Colorado and let his emotions flow in all directions. While the speakers up to that point had been reserved, fighting through tears to share their thoughts about their fallen friend, Chapman couldn't stay still. He shared laughter, love and tears through a rolling speech that captured how he truly felt about his late wife.

"Bethy! you see this Bethy!" Chapman cried out near the start of his speech, pointing up to a photo of his late partner.

Chapman surfed through his time with Beth during the speech, highlighting their first meeting, their final days and their time together shooting Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog's Most Wanted.

"She was our lion tamer in the Chapman family," the reality star said about his wife. "I cannot believe that she is gone. This is not possible."

Chapman continued on, recounting their first meeting and how Beth was never shy about speaking her mind.

"She chewed people out real good, and I'm one of them, because she wanted them to know what happened if they got on the dark side," Chapman revealed during his energetic talk.

One surprising element of Chapman's time on stage was the revelation that it was his wife that promised to land him another reality show before she passed. She devoted her entire time after learning she had cancer again to getting the show on the air.

"'I don't want to do [chemo] because I want to be by your side,'" Chapman admitted Beth told him. "I'd do 5-10 years [in prison] just to kiss her again."

In closing, Chapman made it clear that he's looked through countless religious texts and books to force his loss to make sense. And in the end, he's not ready to say his wife is dead just yet.

"I still haven't let her go," Chapman said. "She will never be dead to me. She is [just] in another place."

The reality star has mentioned he is having trouble saying goodbye to her ashes or letting her go from his sight, even admitting he's getting a bit morbid. On top of that, he's expressed his thoughts that he will join Beth in Heaven at some point and will definitely be joining her ashes once he passes away too.

The two-hour ceremony featured friends and family, including Shannon Tweed, daughter Bonnie, and son Garry speaking about their loss.