Beth Chapman and 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Have Sweet Twitter Exchange About Son Garry Dee

Proud parents Duane "Dog" Chapman and Beth Chapman couldn't help but gush over their son, Garry Dee Chapman, on his 18th birthday. The Dog the Bounty Hunter stars took to Twitter to claim Garry as their own in a sweet exchange.

(Photo: Twitter / @DogBountyHunter)

On Monday, Dog shared a photo of Garry leading a suspect out of a home in handcuffs while on a bounty hunting outing, as is a common career path for members of the Chapman family.

"This kid is on fire," Dog wrote, adding the hashtag #inhisblood. "Look out [Leland Chapman] he's sneaking up on you, son. Baby brother's got the fire trying to steal your thunder!"

It was at that point that Beth, 51, jumped in: "Ummm that's my baby we're had this discussion," she wrote.

(Photo: Twitter / @DogBountyHunter)

"No! It's my baby and yes we have had this discussion! Tonight he resembles me! Chip off the ol dad," Dog, 66, wrote back.

"Seriously you think? HA HE'S MAMA'S BOY and you know it!" she flirted.

"Woman that's my child! You can think he's yours all you want [but] the day he started running he was mine," Dog said.

After a fan wondered which parent was "going to win this," Dog jokingly wrote, "What do you mean I'm the boss, not [Beth Chapman]."

The sweet exchange comes after Beth called out stepdaughter Lyssa Chapman on social media last week for supposedly ignoring her on Mother's Day and not inviting her or Dog to her daughter Abbie's high school graduation ceremony.

Lyssa wrote back that she "did write [to Beth] on Mother's Day" and that she figured Beth and Dog wouldn't attend the graduation as they were "off island."

"Baby Lyssa," 31, is Dog's daughter with his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain. The two were married from 1982 to 1991 and had two other children: Barbara Katie Chapman, who died in a car crash in 2006, and Tucker Dee Chapman.

Another of Dog's 11 children suffered an early death: his and second wife Anne Tegness' son Zebediah died shortly after he was born in 1980.

Beth and Dog share two children: daughter Bonnie and son Garry. Beth also has two children from her previous marriage and frequently refers to her stepchildren as her "bonus" kids.


On Mother's Day, Beth spoke at The Source Church in Bradenton, Florida, and said that she was not undergoing chemotherapy for the cancer that had spread from her throat to her lungs. She said that she had placed all her faith in God to get her through the ordeal.

Doctors discovered during an emergency surgery in the fall that her throat cancer, which they previously thought she had beat a year before, spread to her lungs.