'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Would Consider Doing the Show Again After Her Engagement's Dramatic End

Hannah Brown's life after the final rose on The Bachelorette didn't exactly turn out the way she [...]

Hannah Brown's life after the final rose on The Bachelorette didn't exactly turn out the way she expected, but the leading lady isn't turning down another shot at love on reality television just yet. After Brown revealed she had called off her engagement to Jed Wyatt during her season finale Tuesday, the broken-hearted leading lady opened up about her situation to PEOPLE.

"Being the Bachelorette was an experience unlike anything else," Brown told the outlet. "I learned so much about myself during this process and if I were to step into this position again, I'm sure I would learn more."

It certainly has been a wild ride for Brown, who throughout her season had to deal with drama among the men she was dating, being sex-shamed by Luke Parker and dealing with disapproving parents. But the coup de grâce came for Miss Alabama 2018 when she learned just two days after getting engaged to Wyatt that he had been involved with another women before going to film the ABC dating show. And when that woman came forward with her story, which didn't involve Wyatt ever breaking up with her, Brown had had it, calling things off with the Nashville musician altogether.

"There have been a lot of emotions," Brown told PEOPLE following the finale. "I'm sad, but I'm also hopeful. Even with the heartbreak that I've had, I've felt a lot of love, and I've been given a lot of love too. I will never take my experience for granted, because it's been a blessing."

And while it's certainly not out of the question for Brown to try her hand again at finding love, it all feels a little too soon for her to look at another stint in Bachelor Nation.

"I'm always trying to grow and evolve, but to look that far down the road right now feels unfair to the attention my heart needs now while I heal," she said. "But, never say never!"

Photo credit: Getty / Noel Vasquez