'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Rushed to the Hospital After Falling Ill

Hannah Brown wasn't exactly in dating shape during this week's episode of The Bachelorette, having to be rushed to the hospital after falling ill.

The star of the ABC dating show had to cancel a date with Connor S. during Monday's all-new episode, being shown looking worse for the wear in a hospital bed, where she was receiving fluids and testing.

After returning home to spend time on bed rest, Brown invited the disappointed suitor over to spend some cuddle time in bed, revealing that while she was feeling better, it was a serious scare.

"I woke up and I just basically passed out," she said. "And I went to the hospital and got pumped with some fluids. I'm feeling better, but it was not the date we were supposed to have."

For Connor, the short and sweet date before she had to get back to sleep wasn't ideal, but it was a chance for him to show how caring he can be during the tough times in life — bringing over chicken noodle soup. flowers and leaving sweet notes for her to read when she woke up.

"What I'm excited about is to kind of comfort her and make her feel better," he told the camera. "I want to be there for each other through the ups and downs, and this is kind of a down moment for her. Hopefully I can make her feel better."

Hannah definitely seemed appreciative of the kind gesture, but with Connor leaving her place without a date rose, he was feeling a little down about their time together.

"That was the unfortunate thing, but that's her decision, and I have to trust that," he told the other men.

But Luke P. wasn't convinced.

"I love Connor," he told the camera. "I think he's a great dude, and he's gonna marry an awesome woman one day. But not Hannah. Honestly, I think he's already out of the picture."

That all changed when Hannah managed to rally, taking Connor on the second part of their date to see a romantic band play, awarding him with the date rose after all.

"Today was not what was planned, but it's not always the high times but the low times too," she told him. "Today you made me feel so special."

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.


Photo credit: ABC