'The Bachelorette' Hannah B. Spotted Filming on University of Alabama Campus

The identity of the new Bachelorette star may have just been announced Tuesday, but Hannah Brown has already been filming parts of her upcoming season.

Before Brown, who placed seventh on Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor, was revealed to be the next ABC leading lady to be looking for love, the Miss Alabama 2018 was spotted filming at her alma mater, the University of Alabama, both on campus and at the Bryant-Denny Stadium.

One place she reportedly was not allowed to film was her former sorority house, after TMZ reported that Alpha Chi Omega turned down producers' request to shoot interior and exterior footage due to security concerns from the additional publicity and attention.

Photos of the Bachelorette filming surfaced last week on social media, but some fans were wary of taking them at face value, after Caila Quinn was also spotted recording promos in 2016 before ABC decided to go with Jojo Fletcher for the next season.

Prior to being confirmed as the Bachelorette, Brown seemed to get the nod of approval from host Chris Harrison, who told her during the Women Tell All special last week that he hoped she would soon find a "fierce love" during a one-on-one interview.

Following the telling appearance, Brown told Us Weekly she would be open to the experience of being the Bachelorette.

"I loved this experience so much, even though it was so hard at times and I didn't always have the easiest time," she said at the time. "I wouldn't trade any of it, because I grew so much as a person and learned more about myself. I was able to not give a freak about what people thought about me or what expectations I put on myself to be whatever type of perfection I thought I needed to be for somebody."

"So yeah, I would love to have that opportunity to meet somebody. That's the desire of my heart – to be married and to have a family. I think that can happen on a television show or at a coffee shop and it's going to happen for me someday," she added. "I'm not going to keep putting a timeline on it, but it's gonna be somebody who chooses me and I'm gonna choose them back too."


The Bachelorette will premiere in 2019.

Photo credit: Instagram/Hannah Brown