'The Bachelor' Finale Reveals Who Peter Weber Proposes To

Just as host Chris Harrison promised, The Bachelor finale has proved to be one of the most [...]

Just as host Chris Harrison promised, The Bachelor finale has proved to be one of the most dramatic endings of the series yet. In the first part of the finale, which aired on Monday, viewers were shocked when contestant Madison Prewett left Peter Weber, leaving only one contestant, Hannah Ann Sluss, still in the running for the lead's heart. However, in the Tuesday night episode, it was up in the air whether Hannah Ann would remain in the competition, as well, after she expressed second thoughts about the process.

Ultimately, Hannah Ann did show up to the final rose ceremony and Peter, who has been vocal about how he was in love with both of the final 2 contestants, proposed to her. But, given that Harrison has noted that it's uncertain how the show will end, will Peter and Hannah Ann's engagement stand the test of time?

Hannah Ann was widely seen as a frontrunner for Peter's heart throughout the show, as she received the first impression rose during the premiere back in January. Ever since that moment, the couple has displayed their strong bond on numerous occasions throughout their reality TV journey.

The news of Peter and Hannah Ann's engagement will likely be amazing news for the lead's family, as they expressed their hopes that Peter would pick the 23-year-old model on the Monday night episode of the series. In fact, Peter's mother, Barbara, was especially vocal about him picking Hannah Ann as she could be seen telling him, "don't let her go," through tears.

Prior to his decision to propose to Hannah Ann, Peter noted that he was still torn about making the choice between her and Madison (despite Madison having called it quits on their final date). Even though the pair got engaged during the final rose ceremony in Australia, it's unclear where the couple will go from there, as Harrison noted in the Monday night episode of The Bachelor that even the lead himself was unsure how exactly his journey would end.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, it's clear that the Bachelor has appreciated his entire journey to try and find love. In advance of the Tuesday night episode, Peter took to Instagram to describe just how much this experience has meant to him.

"Being the Bachelor has been the most incredible experience of my life. I have grown in ways that I didn't even know possible," he wrote. "The two most beautiful things that happened to me throughout this journey have been @hannahann and @madiprew coming into my life and showing me love like I will never forget. No matter how this thing ends I will be forever grateful for you both and this once in a lifetime journey."