'The Bachelor' Contestant Channels Her Inner Sloth to Meet Colton Underwood

This Bachelor contestant certainly wasn't afraid to take things "slow" with Colton Underwood on their first night in Bachelor Mansion.

Alex D. showed off her goofy side right away in Monday's 3-hour premiere, emerging from the limo in a full sloth costume that even covered her face.

Moving painfully slowly towards the former NFL player, the gimmick was definitely memorable—and lengthy.

"Hi Colton," she told the object of her affection, speaking slowly to imitate the notoriously sluggish creature. "I heard you take things slow."

"Oh boy, this is gonna take forever," Colton said, only somewhat joking before the ABC show cut to commercial. When The Bachelor returned, Alex D. was still making her way to Colton, who asked at one point "Are you O.K.?" before giving her a normal-speed hug.

Despite the somewhat awkward intro, it definitely left a mark on Colton, who, after she left, said to himself, "That was pretty good."

The other women in the house, some of whom rented out police cars and carriages to make their entrance, had mixed emotions on the sloth now competing for Colton's heart alongside them.

"I'm taking it so seriously ... and then a sloth comes in," Nicole said, adding she admired Alex D.'s laid-back attitude.

For Tahzjuan, it was less charming. "What are you gonna tell your grandchildren, like I pulled up in a sloth costume? You have to think these things through."

Bachelor Nation had their own thoughts about the move:

"I don’t even care what the girl dressed in a Sloth costume on The Bachelor looks or acts like. She’s automatically my favorite because she’s a sloth," one fan wrote.

Another questioned Alex D.'s common sense. "You seriously come dressed up like a damn sloth for the hottest bachelor they’ve had? Guuuurll"

Others thought it was a good omen of how Colton's season would go.

"Why is this season gonna be so good. My favorite so far is def the sloth," one wrote.


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo credit: ABC/Rick Rowell