'Bachelor' Alum Michelle Money Says Daughter in ICU 'Doing Well' After Brain Pressure Started to Stabilize

The Bachelor's Michelle Money is celebrating significant progress in 16-year-old daughter Brielle's recovery after a skateboarding accident on March 29 landed the teen in the intensive care unit under a medically induced coma. Money shared a positive update with her followers Monday, saying Brielle is "doing well" with her brain pressure beginning to stabilize. Sharing a slideshow of photos of Brielle from before the accident, Money added she thinks her teen is using the time to heal "her spirit as well."

"Brielle is doing well today! Her numbers have been averaging around 16 with a few random spikes," she wrote. "She seems to be heading in the right directions where we will not need to take other measures to keep this pressure down! Thank God! We are waiting to see that number get down into the single digits and stay there for a solid day before taking her off these meds keeping her sedated. In typical Brie fashion, she is doing things her way!"

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Saying she was "honoring that process" for her daughter, Money added, "We all miss her and wish we were goofing off together, but she needs to do what works for her and her body right now. I believe Brielle is healing not only her physical body, but her spirit as well. She has been through so much and experienced a lot of pain that I think she is sorting out right now."

Calling her daughter an "old soul," Money explained she had "watched her fight a hard battle with trying to navigate life as a teenager while feeling so deeply and and seeing things in an incredibly mature way. She is incredibly sensitive to energy. The balance has been difficult. I do believe strongly that she wants to live her life here on earth and I trust that she will make that happen when its right for her."


In the meantime, Money is also doing "some soul searching," calling the traumatic experience also "an amazing opportunity for us as a collective to take this much needed time to heal our own wounds." Encouraging her followers to do the same while they quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, she concluded, "Mom guilt is so real and so painful. It causes us to make decisions based on fear. It is time to let that s— go. It is causing more pain and anxiety than it is helping. I see that clearly. Let's pray for healing on all levels for all of us."