Aubrey O'Day Admits Relationship With 'Jersey Shore' Star Pauly D Was 'Torture'

Singer Aubrey O'Day took to Instagram Tuesday to announce her return to MTV to star on the new season of Ex on the Beach. But that was not all she had to say, later calling her relationship with Jersey Shore star Pauly "DJ Pauly D" DelVecchio "torture." The 35-year-old Danity Kane singer is eager to see her fans try to find love again.

"Head back to the network that birthed me [MTV] for my new show [Ex On The Beach] .. this show was a departure from my music routine & it brought me back to life," O'Day wrote. "After my last relationship with Pauly, it took so long for me to heal from the pain, anger, torture, & toxicity that I found love in with him. I'm so happy for you guys to watch the journey of an 'older gal' find her younger self and maybe some new d– too."

O'Day also had some tea to spill when it came to her relationship with Donald Trump Jr.

"Oh and yes, don was my soulmate, and I was his. I said it, I mean it," she jokingly added. "He knows it still. love you all, and thank you for always supporting my colorful journey!"

DelVecchio and O'Day met in November 2015 on MTV's Famously Single. They were together for about three years, and at one point, O'Day tried to get DelVecchio to agree to marry her. However, he would not make that commitment.

The former couple reunited for Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but that did not result in them getting back together. In fact, during one scene, O'Day said she once wished he was dead.

DelVecchio mentioned the relationship again on Double Shot at Love, when one of the contestants vying for DelVecchio mentioned hearing a rumor DelVecchio cheated on O'Day. DelVecchio insisted he never cheated on O'Day or anyone.

"Our relationship was on and off on and off on and off," DelVecchio told the women on the show of his relationship with O'Day. "When we were off she did her thing. When I was off, I did my thing. I would never. No point. I don't believe in that. I never cheated on any girlfriend I've had in my life."

Ex on the Beach Season 3 kicked off on Tuesday and includes a scene where O'Day claimed Trump was her "soulmate." O'Day and Trump allegedly had an affair in 2011, when Trump was married to Vanessa Trump. Trump is now dating Fox News anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle.

DelVecchio told Page Six he thought he "dodged a bullet" by splitting with O'Day, especially after hearing about her relationship with Trump.

"I found out when the world found out, it was in the press and I said, 'Oh, wow! That's crazy.' Hey listen, she did what she had to do at the time, I guess. The way I feel is I dodged a bullet. I'm glad that I was out of that whole situation," DelVecchio said.


Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on MTV Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. Ex on the Beach airs on the same network Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: Greg Doherty/Getty Images