'Atypical' Star Michael Rapaport Slammed by Noah Cyrus After Comments About Kim Kardashian

Hours after posting a controversial tweet about Ariana Grande, Netflix's Atypical star Michael Rapaport was slammed by Noah Cyrus for a comment about Kim Kardashian West on Instagram.

On Wednesday, Kardashian shared a photo of herself in a pink bikini on Instagram, standing in her handbag and shoes closet. "I need a spray tan," Kardashian wrote in the caption.

"You hate yourself," Rapaport wrote in the comments section.

Cyrus, the younger sister of Miley Cyrus, was not happy about that comment. "Bruh. Why you soooo mad. Stop attacking women for likes," she wrote.

michael rapaport kim kardashian instagram message
(Photo: Instagram)

Rapaport's controversial comment about Kardashian came on the same day as his strange tweet about Grande. He posted an older photo of Grande, adding, "Ariana Grande is 27 acts 12, you take off those boots she hides her legs in, the cat eye make up and the genie pony tale and I think there's hotter women working the counter at Starbucks no disrespect to Starbucks."

The tweet was met with instant outrage from Grande's fans, and Rapaport responded by only fanning the flames. In one tweet, he wondered why he was receiving more outrage over the Grande tweet than when he insults President Donald Trump.

"When I talk [viciously] about The Leader of the Free World aka Dick Stain Donald Trump or Tiki Torch Tough Guys in Virginia, I'm a Social Media HERO, but a joke about Ariana Grande is SHAMING. EAT Dwycks SnowFlakes," he wrote in one tweet.

Rapaport later pinned a tweet to his profile, with a picture of Grande and her ex-fiance Pete Davidson, with his own face photoshopped onto Davidson's.

"When Thank You,Next is really life!!! Always Stay Disruptive! Shout out to all the Women at Starbucks!!! [Michael Rapaport] is live & disruptive," he wrote. The comedian also included a link to his podcast, I Am Rapaport.

Rapaport also angered many on Saturday when he posted a now-deleted video of himself imitating Kanye West and Davidson after they posted about mental health struggles.

“I don’t do impressions, but this is my impression of Pete Davidson and Kanye West,” Rapaport said in the clip, notes Us Weekly. “Meh, meh, meh, meh, meh … Ariana Grande. Meh, meh, meh, meh, meh … Drake. Meh, meh, meh, meh, meh … Ariana Grande. Meh, meh, meh, meh, meh … Drake.”

Rapaport's comments came after a difficult few days for Grande. On Saturday morning, Davidson posted a disturbing message on Instagram, leading many to fear for his safety. Grande reportedly went to the Saturday Night Live studio herself to check on her former boyfriend. Davidson later appeared on the show briefly to introduce Miley Cyrus.


Aside from his podcast, Rapaport also stars in the Netflix series Atypical as Doug Gardner. He also appeared in Friends, Boston Public, My Name Is Earl and Prison Break.

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