Amy Roloff Shares a Sneak Peek at Her Family's Thanksgiving Plans

The Roloffs look like they're gearing up for a very happy Thanksgiving. The Little People, Big World family is already spending quality time together at mom's house this year, Amy revealed in a series of pictures posted to social media.

In a picture she posted to her Instagram Wednesday, new parents Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are seen cuddling up with baby Ember Jean, while Zach and Tori Roloff enjoy time together while baby Jackson is sleeping.

The Roloff's formerly estranged son Jacob Roloff is also seen hanging out with his family and his girlfriend Izzy, and Amy said her daughter Molly was also on the way with her husband Joel Silvius.

"My kids," Amy captioned the photo. "This is what I'm thankful for. Love them forever and always. So happy to have Molly in town and Joel arrives Wednesday. Jackson is sleeping. There is always something/someone to be thankful for in our lives.

Once Molly arrived, the Roloff women appeared to bond in the kitchen, cooking up what looks like some Thanksgiving pies.


"Molly is in town and having a blast in the kitchen [with] my 'girls'... I have so much to be thankful for. Enjoying some pre-thanksgiving day moments. Much to be thankful for," Amy captioned the photo.

Notably absent from the photos is Amy's ex-husband Matt Roloff. The two separated in 2014 and have not had the greatest relationship since then, although both continue to work on the family farm and enjoy grandparent duties.