Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman's 'Making It' Premiere Takes Over Twitter

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are back on NBC, and Making It is capturing the hearts TV fans.

The former Parks and Recreation co-stars teamed up to host the new crafting competition series, pitting a collection of experts, each with their own set of material expertise, in clever and light-hearted arts-and-crafts challenges.

"Wouldn't it be great to celebrate people who can make something original from scratch, and share their challenge with the world? Cause life is stressful enough," Poehler said during the show's opening minutes. "Let's make a show that makes you feel good..."

Along with the comedy superstars, the new show recruited Barneys window-dresser Simon Doonan and Etsy expert Dayna Isom Johnson as the judges for the competition, as Poehler and Offerman — who happens to be an avid — entertain viewers with lots of comedy and craft puns.

Each episode, the contestants participate in different challenges to test their crafting skills for patch-awards. In the end, only one contestant will emerge as the "Master Maker," and will be awarded $100,000.

For Parks and Rec fans, the new competition series was the Pawnee reunion they have always wanted, taking to Twitter to celebrate the heart-warming episode.

For the first challenge, contestants were entrusted with crafting a special beast that best represented their personalities. Twitter users couldn't help but comment on the contestants' road to becoming crafts experts.

For the second challenge, called the Master Craft, contestants had to make family heirlooms using unconventional materials.


Despite the competition aspect of the new show, viewers were loving the camaraderie from the contestants, as well as the hilarious jokes from Offerman and Poehler.

The six-episode first season of Making It airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.