Amy Duggar Reportedly 'Not Allowed' to Discuss Duggar Family Publicly

Amy Duggar King, a cousin of the famous Duggar family, has reportedly been banned from discussing the more well-known members of the Counting On family on social media.

A source told Radar Online on Friday that the 31-year-old King is "not allowed" to talk about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's family.

King is Jim Bob and Michelle's niece and has become known for her more rebellious personality, compared to the Duggar children who stick to the strict rules based on the Duggars' religious beliefs. In January, she even spoke out against the Institute of Biblical Principals (IBLP), the church her family follows. Two months later, she accidentally posted a photo of herself in the bathtub.

But fans might never hear her be open about the Duggars again. Radar's source claims King was even told to delete any mentions of the Duggars from her social media pages.

"Amy went through her Instagram and had to delete all the pictures she had with her cousins," the source said.

At the moment, King's Instagram page is set to private and her Twitter feed only includes mentions about her husband, Dillon King. She is allowed to mention her grandmother, Mary Duggar, who is also Jim Bob's mother. There was no mention in Radar's report if King will be allowed to keep her Twitter handle as @amyduggar or not.

In March 2016, King told a fan on Instagram she was not allowed to interact with her cousins because the Duggars fear the kind of influence she could be.

"It's a rule…that if I want to spend quality time with them, I have to come see them," King said at the time, reports Radar Online. "They don't want me to influence them."

At first, the rule bothered her, but she got used to it over time.

"It used to really bother me and then I realized that I just live knowing that God gives us grace," she wrote at the time. "I can only be myself and even though we don't see eye to eye on every little thing we are still family and I do still love them. I respect their standards and I don't fuss about it."

King did not provide a comment on the situation, but the source told Radar she "still loves" her family.

During 19 Kids and Counting, King became known for her attempt to break into the country music world. In a recent interview on the Reality Life with Kate Casey, King said she was offered a contract from "several huge, huge labels," but turned them down.

"They wanted to make me into not just the cousin, but the bad, sexy edgy cousin kind of thing," she said. "Like the Britney Spears of the Duggar family."


King also told Casey she cannot talk to her cousins about modern pop culture.

"I know what I can talk [to them] about and I know what I can't, and I don't push those boundaries," she said. "For example, I don't talk to them about Hollywood movies. You know, I don't talk to them about the new stuff on the radio, the new songs."