'America's Got Talent' Crowns Season 13 Winner

The votes are in, and America's Got Talent has crowned a new winner! Magician Shin Lim was named season 13's victor in Wednesday's finale, taking home the $1 million prize and America's affection.

Midway through Wednesday's finale, Tyra Banks announced the five acts of the final 10 that would be in contention for the ultimate title: aerialist troupe Zurcaroh, violinist Brian King Joseph, Lim, comedian Samuel J. Comroe, and Michael Ketterer made it to the final five performers.

Ketterer took fifth place, with Comroe coming in fourth, King Joseph coming in third and Zurcaroh second but the magician emerged with the title, Vegas show and the prize money at the end.

Lim competed alongside nine other talented performers, but won out over the rest with the support of America's votes.

Competing in the finale were Lim, a magician whose close-up magic skills have blown the judges away all season; Ketterer, a pediatric mental health nurse who brought Simon Cowell to his feet; Zurcaroh, an Austrian aerial dance group whose gravity-defying stunts made them a favorite of Banks; Duo Transcend, married aerialists whose risky routines almost meant serious injury this season; Comroe, a comedian who has embraced his Tourettes Syndrome as part of his act; and Daniel Emmet, an opera singer who has taken on risky songs all season.

Other finalists included King Joseph, a violinist whose modern covers have brought audiences to tears; Glennis Grace, a singer who made it to the finale without a golden buzzer; Vicki Barbolak, a comedian whose Trailer Park Nasty and swimsuit reveal in the finale has made her a favorite; and Courtney Hadwin, the 14-year-old singer who has been channeling Janis Joplin all season.

It was a tight season, with hits and misses from almost all of the performers at one point or another. Cowell was correct ahead of Tuesday's finale performances when he said, "Of all the finals, this is the most open. ... I think some of you tonight are going to have life-changing moments."

Fans immediately weighed in on Lim's win on Twitter:


"Shin Lim was phenomenal and totally deserved to win #AGTFinale," another added.

A third wrote, "Yayyyy!!!! Congrats, [Shin Lim]!!!! Best card tricks I've ever seen. Well-deserved."


At least one viewer was unhappy, however, writing, "America made a poor decision on Shin Lim. He most definitely was not as good as the other acts. #AGTFinale"

Photo credit:Trae Patton/NBC