'American Pickers': Danielle Colby's Age, Bio and More Personal Details

American Pickers fans have seen Danielle Colby cracking wise with Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz on the air, but they are getting to know her better these days over on social media. Colby is an integral part of the show and is now the only consistent co-star alongside Wolfe. Read on for a bit more about this reality TV staple.

Colby was born on Dec. 3, 1975, making her 47 years old at the time of this writing. In an interview with the River Cities' Reader, Colby revealed that she was born in Davenport, Iowa and was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. Before rising to fame on the History Channel, she was married to a man named Robert Strong with whom she had two children. She would later tell reporters from WQAD-TV that she and Strong divorced because of the success of American Pickers.

"Fame and notoriety are not easy for him to deal with at all, so the relationship ended up not working out," she said at the time. Still, antique collecting and reality TV are not Colby's only skills. In a 2010 interview before her TV debut, Colby discussed her history with the sport of roller derby. She even owned and played on a team called the Big Mouth Mickies for three years, but ultimately injuries forced her off the rink.

Colby also lived in Chicago, Illinois for a time where she developed another surprising interest – burlesque. She said that she felt inspired after attending a burlesque performance by comedian Margaret Cho. When she returned home to Iowa, she created her own burlesque troupe called Burlesque Le Moustache, where she performed under the stage name Danny Diesel. After a few years of touring this developed into a burlesque academy called Dannie Diesel's Bump 'n' Grind Academy in Chicago.

Colby's other major venture before American Pickers was a retro clothing company called 4 Miles 2 Memphis, which had a brief stint in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood. The brick-and-mortar store did not last long, but it was undoubtedly important to the skills she brought to TV.

Colby had reportedly been friends with Wolfe for about a decade before he began working on American Pickers. As the format of the show began to take shape, Wolfe quickly asked Colby if she would work at the office and the central shop, Antique Archaeology. Over the years her portion of the show has been bolstered and she has become a fan favorite. When Fritz stepped down from the show due to health complications, Colby was one of the first to try and fill in his shoes on the road. While other guest stars still join him on occasion, Colby is still the only other permanent cast member listed for the show.

American Pickers Season 24 is airing now on Wednesday nights on History. Fans can keep up with Colby and her many projects on Instagram and Facebook.