'American Idol': 'Hustlers' Actress Alisa Ermolaev Bombs in Season Premiere Audition

During the season premiere of American Idol Sunday, actress Alisa Ermolaev tried out for a ticket to Hollywood. Her performance was one of the few bad auditions to make it to air in week one, and she ultimately did not get any "Yes" votes from judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Before Sunday night, Ermolaev was best known for a small role in the Jennifer Lopez movie, Hustlers.

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Ermolaev was heavily featured in publicity materials before Idol premiered, and she even shared dozens of photos and clips from the Idol experience on her Instagram page. Sadly though, she did not pass the audition after performing an original song with guitar player Sam.

"We don't want to rain on your parade, but we are definitely going to have to do some sprinkling," Perry said.

"You guys are loads of fun," Bryan said. "I can't say I was blown away by the singing. I think you have big pipes, but as far as what we I feel like we need on American Idol, the vocals aren't quite there."

"I did laugh at the performance, but I just don't think it's... for us here," Richie said.

Perry added that Ermolaev's act was "super fun," but they all said no.

Ermolaev took it in stride, laughing as she left the studio. She did put on a big act in a confessional though, jokingly asking Perry if she knew what "unique is."

After her auditioned aired though, Ermolaev shared a new photo on Instagram, adding, "No Room For Hate... Give em Face!"

Ermolaev had a small part as a Russian stripper in Hustlers, and has appeared in several other films and television shows made in New York City. She had small roles in John Wick: Chapter 2, Elementary and Ray Donovan.

The actress, who boasted to the Idol judges she is often compared visually to Taylor Swift, was born in Russia and now lives in Far Rockaway. She passed the first round of auditions in Brooklyn before getting a chance to perform before the judges.

"The wonderful people on the way just made it easier, everybody was so supportive and [there were] smiles all around, it was just great," she told Rockawave. "I jumped up and did that skip in the air move" after passing the Brooklyn auditions.


According to her website, Ermolaev has a bachelor's degree from the New School University of Public engagement and studied at the Improvisation News Studios NYC.

Photo credit: ABC/Eric Liebowitz