'American Idol' Fans Fume After Luke Bryan and Ryan Seacrest 'Tone-Deaf' Joke

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and judge Luke Bryan rubbed fans the wrong way with their joking attitude toward one of the finalists on Sunday. Chayce Beckham's promotional package had just aired and some sensitive details were revealed about the 24-year-old aspiring musician involving his sobriety.

After facing a dark moment with his former band due to the coronavirus pandemic, losing his relationship of seven years shortly after, and almost lost his life in a drunk-driving crash. "He was on a dark path for a little while with drinking and his self worth, whether or not he was good enough," his mother told folks on Idol. His mother and stepfather are the main reason he is on American Idol at the moment.

"I think that they really just saw that I was kind of giving up on my dreams a little bit," Chayce revealed in a chat with The Sun. "So they strongly encouraged me to audition … I would not be doing it without them. They're just as big a part of this as I am."

This backstory led to fans watching the finale to question the decision behind Luke Bryan and Ryan Seacrest's joke involving cracking a beer while fishing. Some fans were quick to vent on social media and chastise the Idol personalities.

"Luke and Ryan talking to Chayce about going drinking is some serious tone deaf s—t," one viewer wrote on the platform. "As much as I've enjoyed this season of American Idol that was cringe-worthy. Chayce is open about his struggles with addiction and they joke with him about drinking being the best part of fishing. Seriously? Do better," another added.

Many also quickly pointed out that it seems like the Idol host and judge forgot about the issues or didn't keep the details in mind. Not some act of intentional malevolence. "I believe Chayce was a recovering addict. That's been his whole story throughout this competition. Talking about alcohol isn't a good look," a third fan made clear.