Amber Portwood's Ex Andrew Glennon Admits 'Threats Were a Constant Part of Life' With 'Teen Mom OG' Star

The feud between Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon continue, and now, Glennon is accusing his ex-girlfriend and the mother to their son James, 1, of being a threatening partner.

"The financial abuse and 'familial' mindset of Amber has never been more clearer than it is now," Glennon said in an interview with Us Weekly. "Any and all money coming in, even in my name, 'belonged' to her and that's how she saw it. She's made that very clear and the threats were a constant part of life with her."

"I wanted a happy family," he continued. "Whereas she was more concerned with her own agenda and her actions have proven exactly that. I put everything into the family account because I wanted a happy and provided for family. All profits went into the family account and spent on family travels, health expenses, Amber's jewelry & clothing, food and life."

However, both sides of the story are quite conflicting. While Glennon feels that he was doing the best he could to provide for their family and support Portwood in all of her battles with mental health, her side — which are mostly sources — state that Portwood was very generous with her income and trusted Glennon with it.

"She just wanted to be a able to fully trust and not worry that large sums of money were going to go missing," one source said about Portwood. "There is still love between these two as ugly as things have gotten."

The insider even went on to say that the 29-year-old thinks of Glennon "as family."

Recently, the two have been arguing over thousands of dollars that went missing from their joint bank account.

"A lot of money went missing from Amber's and Andrew's joint bank account leading up to the fight," once source said to Us Weekly. They added that Glennon spent a large portion of her money on "inauthentic items at an auction."

"Amber is very trusting, so at first when she noticed there was some money gone she did not want to make an issue out of it even though she is fully supporting their family financially," the source added. "Amber wanted Andrew to contribute to their family on some level and that is an issue that had been brewing."

But before things took a turn for the worst, the former couple were supposedly talking about tying the knot.


"He has spoken about marriage on numerous occasions and has even mentioned a list of possible wedding destinations to the MTV production team in the past," once source revealed to Us Weekly. "His friends have attested to his faithfulness and genuine intentions with Amber often."

As of now, the two are trying to work through their differences and lead their separate lives.