'Alaskan Bush People' Star Matt Brown Shares 'Good Day' Photo After Alleged Reports of Return to Series

It was just a week ago that Matt Brown from the hit Discovery show Alaskan Bush People posted a happy, sun-gleamed photo of himself following a six-month rehab stay for alcohol. And in the days following, the reality TV personality is now sharing even more happy photos with fans, posted to his Instagram.

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It sure is a good day :) 🐝🍃☕

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Fans lit up the comment section expressing their joy for the reality star.

"Awww great pic, you look great. I'm so happy to see you happy!!! Love ya dude, God bless!" one fan wrote.

Another fan shared their feelings of happiness for Brown, requesting a possible new show: "I'm so glad your doing well Matt.... by the way.... if your not going to be on ABP can you do your own show or YouTube videos so we can see you on that!!! We miss you!! Bu know that you come first, just a selfish wish haha."

Good news is, Brown will allegedly be making a return to the popular reality show in the upcoming season. ABP is currently in it's tenth season, so he likely won't appear on any episodes this time around, but fans can expect him back for a possible season 11.

Brown has distanced himself from the family since leaving the show and moving to California. But, a recent conversation with dad Billy Brown, has him back on good terms with the family.

"Matt is already back in California after spending a week with his family in Washington, but he really had a great trip home. He made up with his father, which is huge," a source told Radar Online. "He was able to make up with his father and they were able to come to an agreement that would bring Matt back to the show for the season after this one.

However, his return won't come without a price. There's one condition: "Billy told Matt that he must stay sober from now on, or else the deal is off. Of course, Matt agreed," the source said.

Their initial fallout took place in late 2018, and after Brown roamed around the desert for several months, he found himself in the Betty Ford Clinic outside of Palm Springs, California.

Through it all, the one thing that has remained consistent is his fan support.


"I just wanted to thank everybody for your overwhelming support and love and for all the messages," he thanked his followers in a video posted in January. "I just want to tell you that y'all have really made a difference in my life. Once of the most important and best things that has happened to me was being able to take you all on adventures with me."