'Alaskan Bush People' Daughter Rain 'Fighting Just to Be a Person' in Her Family

Alaskan Bush People's youngest star, Rain Brown, is trying to come into her own. But will her family let her?

The 15-year-old reality star had to have a tough talk with 23-year-old sister Snowbird in Sunday's all-new episode of the Discovery reality series about their future together as sisters as she gets older.

The awkward confrontation first sparked when Snowbird suggested that in their shared house when they got older, the two should care for pet rabbits.

"I'm not living in an 'our' house," Rain responded, much to Snowbird's shock.

"Rain and I, especially when she was younger and I was more younger, we always talked about having a shared house and a shared everything," Snowbird told the cameras. "Lately, she's made it more and more clear that she doesn't really want that anymore."

The teen admitted that while that plan sounded like fun when she was younger, the plan of sharing a home — and even a bed — with each other and their eventual husbands, doesn't sound like fun anymore.

"I think part of Bird still wants that to happen," she told the cameras. "I don't."

To her sister, she explained, "I feel like you think about me in your memory as like 7-year-old little Rain, and I'm not her anymore."

And while Snowbird apologized for treating her like she was lesser, Rain admitted to the cameras that she still feels like she doesn't get the respect she deserves from her family.

"My entire life, people, especially Birdy, have always treated me as this fragile thing that everybody has to take care of," she said. "And being the youngest, I've always been fighting just to be a person."

But getting a chance to pull her weight boring holes into the earth as part of rebuilding the family's settlement in their new Washington home may have helped Rain feel more like she was a trusted part of the Brown family. It certainly helped Bird recognize she needed to let her little sister "spread her wings and fly."

"I do have to admit you have grown into a capable young woman," she told her sister, who was touched by her words. "You remind me of me a lot, because there was a time where the brothers wouldn't let me do anything by myself. And now I'm doing stuff for everybody, so just recognize you are too."

We're excited to see Rain come into her own!


Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery