'Alaskan Bush People' Fans Sound off on Season 10 Premiere Ahead of Showtime

No, winter isn’t coming, but it’s pretty close as Alaskan Bush People season 10 is set to [...]

No, winter isn't coming, but it's pretty close as Alaskan Bush People season 10 is set to premiere Aug. 4. Fans of Discovery reality show have been eagerly awaiting its arrival and are ready to get back to following the latest around Billy Brown and his family.

One user commented on the show's official Twitter account this afternoon, "I am so FREAKING excited! CAN'T HARDLY WAIT MUCH LONGER."

Over on the show's Instagram account, another user commented, "It's just a train wreck I can't look away from and I guess that's why I watch it..."

The trailer for this season featured the Brown family adjusting to their life in Washington where the land is divyed up amongst the children. The plot for the newest season seems to place a heavy emphasis on the families efforts of building homes for each sibling before winter hits.

One scene from the teaser showed Ami Brown speaking on the family's situation, "Life isn't easy. It makes you stronger, but family sticks together."

There will also be a lot of viewers awaiting the birth of Mother Ami's grandbaby, Elijah Connor. The marriage of Gabe and Raquell will also be a storyline fans can anticipate seeing when the newest season drops.

One of the sons, Matt Brown, is looking to return to the show after entering rehab prior to Season 9. However, it does not sound like he will be back on the show anytime soon with his father keeping him out of the forefront for now.

The previous season left fans reeling for more after only five episodes aired. Season 10 is slated to air another five episodes, as well. Fans looking for clues into the season can look at the announced episode titles, which include "King of the Mountain" for episode one and "The Wolfpack vs. the Wolf" for next week's show.

In a press release from Discovery, the season is described as, "New goals, new challenges, and new additions to the Wolfpack push the Brown family to their limits in an all-new season of Discovery Channel's hit series, Alaskan Bush People."

The series, which focuses on the Brown's family attempt to survive in the wild completely cut off from the city and society, debuted in 2014.

Alaskan Bush People airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.