'Alaskan Bush People' Stars Exclude One Sibling in Tribute Posts

Bad blood amid the Alaskan Bush People siblings? People seem to thing so after Rain and Bear Brown excluded big brother Matt from their National Siblings Day tributes on social media after his exit from the show. Celebrating the family holiday on April 11, Rain shared a series of family photos on Instagram with the sassy caption, "Siblings are like rocks. They keep you grounded when it matters most, but when you stub your toe on them they hurt you."

Tagging brothers Bear, Noah, Gabe and Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown alongside sister Snowbird Brown, fans were quick to notice Matt was not included in the photos or the Instagram tags. Limiting her comments on the post, Rain was able to dodge most of the negative comments from people looking to criticize, but her brother Bear was not so lucky.

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On his private Instagram, Bear shared illustrations of his siblings, except for Matt, captioning them simply, "Happy sibling day!!!!" But people were quick to zero in on the missing Brown in the comments. "So we all just suppose to forget that Matt exists??? Matt is still your sibling regardless of ANY situation," one person wrote. Another chimed in, "Where;s Matt????? So rude of all of you to ignore him when he needed help. Stopped watching the show."

Matt, 37, has not appeared on Alaskan Bush People since Season 8 of the Discovery show, and is living in California after completing six months of rehab in January 2019, which he documents on his social media pages and YouTube channel. Matt first entered rehab in 2016 after he said began spending time in Juneau when the family boat broke down. It was there he first started hanging out with "people who drank" and quickly found himself becoming reliant on alcohol.


"They didn't have a problem with it so while I was around them, I started drinking," he told PEOPLE at the time, saying his drinking "got to be more and more," over time causing him to become "more withdrawn." At that point, Matt said he recognized he was "spiraling" and decided to enter his first stint in treatment. He re-entered treatment in September of 2018 following "a year of ups and downs," but upon emerging from rehab, told his social media followers he was doing "very well" and enjoying "stretching my wings for a new adventure—this next part of my life."