'Alaskan Bush People' Estranged Son Noah Brown Says 'Things Are Great' in New Update About Family

Alaskan Bush People estranged son Noah Brown has spoken out and is saying that 'things are great' [...]

Alaskan Bush People estranged son Noah Brown has spoken out and is saying that "things are great" between him and his family.

While speaking with Radar Online, Brown confirmed that he has a good relationship with the rest of his family, and revealed that he and his wife Rhain Brown and their new son Elijah and moved away from the family cottage they had been living in.

"We are living in Colorado for a little while because we just wanted to take some time away to be with our son and didn't want the family to have to deal with the baby crying and such," Brown told the outlet.

Previously, it had been reported that the couple had a "huge fight" with some of Brown's other family members, and it has been speculated that this was the reason why they took their baby and left.

More specifically, the fight was said to have been between Rhain and Snowbird Brown.

"Rhain got into a huge fight with Snowbird last week," a source said. "[They] did not leave on good terms. [They] have had enough of the family drama, and want to raise their son as far away as possible."

Past comments made by Snowbird seemed to foreshadow her issues with Rhain, as she was once quoted as saying, "You know, I'm definitely happy for Noah and his girl. He's always wanted to be a dad and a husband. I mean I admit I have a lot of mixed emotions, but I'm trying to let past problems be past problems... I don't wanna miss out on being an aunt to Noah's kid."

However, other reports have indicated that the family matriarch and patriarch, Billy and Ami Brown, have been the ones to fuel the feuding by being too "overbearing."

"Ami is trying to tell Rhain how she parented because it is important for Ami to be able to have that connection with her first grandson," a source said. "Billy is insisting that the baby be a part of the show and Noah hasn't fully agreed with all of that yet."

"[Noah] just kind of wants some space for a minute. … He just wants everyone to chill," the source went on to say of why Brown and his wife decided to head back out to Colorado.

Alaskan Bush People is currently in its ninth season, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.