'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Faces off With Washington Wildlife in New Clip

The Alaskan Bush People aren't in Alaska anymore! Bear Brown is embracing the wilderness of Washington in a clip from Sunday's all-new episode of the Discovery show, but he's not quite sure what he's getting into!

In a clip shared on the show's Twitter page, the Brown's most adventurous son Bear is taking in the differences in his family's new Pacific Northwest home, investigating the different kinds of animals that share his environment. He's clearly not totally comfortable with the change of location, however.

"I'm basically just looking around the area, just seeing what kind of animals and creatures there are," he tells the camera. "I would much rather face a giant bear in Alaska than I would the predators here."

He adds, "And there's snakes! And they don't even have arms or legs."

Looking at the ground, he's unclear what animal could have left behind the tracks he's seeing, whether it be cow or "giant anteater."

He also discovers a mess of what he identifies as mole trails, "which is why you can feel a bit of a spring in the ground itself."

The family made the big move from Alaska to Washington after spending time in Los Angeles while mom Ami Brown was treated for cancer. But after she was declared cancer-free earlier this year, the family was itching to get out of the urban location and back into the wild.

"It's just this feeling, like we came from California and everything there was so not our lifestyle," Gabe Brown explained in the Season 8 premiere last month. "That it really took a toll on everybody. It's all that down, bummed out feeling just kind of flew away."

Bear, however, has been going through a period of adjustment, he told PEOPLE prior to the season premiere.

"I can hardly stand the heat," he told the publication. "And then to have to constantly watch the ground for snakes – that's a big adjustment from Alaska."

Ami has been simply happy to be out of the hospital and back into commune with nature, she added..

"To be out of the city and in the mountains is a blessing in itself and being given second chance is great," the matriarch said, admitting she feels "better than I have in a lot of years, but I still don't have all my strength back yet."

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery