'Alaskan Bush People' Bear Brown Reveals 'Major Medical Issues' With Dad Billy in New Video

Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown is having 'major medical issues' requiring him to [...]

Alaskan Bush People patriarch Billy Brown is having "major medical issues" requiring him to undergo surgery, son Bear Brown revealed Sunday in a video shared to his private Instagram account. Addressing fans of the hit Discovery show, Bear explained, "My dad's still having some major medical issues, in fact he got out of surgery just the other day."

With plenty more tests to go, Bear explained he and part of his family are "still in town" awaiting results.

After reiterating the news in his caption, Bear thanked fans in the caption for "sticking with my family" as well as for "all y'all guys support," signing off, "God bless!"

Bear certainly has a lot on his plate right now, with the Discovery personality's ex-fiancée Raiven Adams announcing less than two weeks after they had gotten engaged that they had called off the wedding — and that she was pregnant.

"Quickly after deciding friendship was best for us!" she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of a positive pregnancy test and Wolf Pack-themed onesie. "We found out we had a little surprise coming our way. After a quick engagement because we felt that was the right thing to do. We talked about things, and ultimately decided being co parents was best for us as well as our baby."

"We are super excited, and surprised to announce this especially due to current events," she continued. "We are excited to coparent as friends, and do our best to be the best we can be. We can't wait to find out the gender! being in the earlier stages means a lot of sick and sleepless nights. Thats okay because you are for sure worth it!"

She later detailed the breakup on Instagram, explaining "being with a male wasn't right for [her]," but claiming Bear knew she was "100% gay" when they first hung out. While they decided to "see where it would go," the two realized "we didn't agree on big topics in life."

"We didn't want the same things, and that being with a male wasn't right for me," Adams wrote. "To anyone who's straight or maybe even bisexual, that comment doesn't make very much sense. You think why couldn't I just make it work, or try harder or so on? It just doesn't work like that... and I was honest about that every day of our relationship. We gave it our best shot and as good of a friend, and relative."

She continued, "Bear wasn't very good at relationships, and mostly because he hadn't had one before me. And anyone who's dated 9/10 your first love is never your last, because you have to learn lessons in life. And learn lessons in relationships to become the person you need to be to be good in a relationship."

In conclusion, Adams wrote she "will no longer explain myself or anything that happened. I'm focused on making the best life for our baby."

Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Photo credit: Discovery