'Alaskan Bush People': Bear Brown and Raiven Adams Share First Ultrasound Photo of Their Baby

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are getting an early look at their unborn baby! The Alaskan Bush People couple shared the first ultrasound photo of the newest member of the wolfpack Tuesday, revealing the mother-to-be is about 15 weeks along with a due date in April. The one thing the image didn't reveal was the sex of the baby, a sign that their baby is "already stubborn," Adams joked.

Raiven Adams ultrasound
(Photo: @raiv3n.mari3)

"We are officially 15 weeks and two days! Our baby is already stubborn [crying laughing emoji] crossed legs, and the umbilical cord made it impossible for us to find out if it's a boy or girl," she wrote on Instagram. "But the heart beat was 168. This little one looked like he or she, was sucking her thumb and waving at us!"

Brown, who called their baby a "little miracle" in the comments, took to his own profile to repost the ultrasound himself. "Hey everybody! Check it out! So amazing so awesome! Raiven's and my baby, is at 15 weeks!" he wrote. "I can't wait to hold this little one in my arms!"

Brown and Adams announced earlier this month that they were expecting a baby just days after revealing they had called off their short-lived engagement. Although the parents-to-be have since gotten back together romantically, there's been no shortage of drama surrounding Adams' pregnancy, with Alaskan Bush People fans accusing her of lying about various parts of the pregnancy and her relationship with Brown.

It's because of these naysayers that Adams also took to Instagram to share an up-close look at the ultrasound, showing the estimate at how far along she is. "Not gonna say it over and over believe and say what you please that's the estimate I was given with the birth date of April 19th," she captioned the photo.

Brown has also been begging his followers to ease up on the mother of his unborn child.

"Everybody! Please stop sending Raiven disrespectful messages," he wrote on social media earlier this month. "She's is going through enough without naysayers spreading gossip! Raiven is pregnant with my child! We've been living in the same house for a while!"


"I don't need some test to know this little miracle is mine! It is completely 100% impossible for it not to be given the time frame! So please remember if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" he continued. "Raiven is the love of my life please show her the respect she deserves! And to everyone out there who has been so supportive! Thank you! Stay AWESOME!"

Photo credit: Discovery