'Adorableness' Host James Davis Says New MTV Show Is a 'Quality Watch' (Exclusive)

Ever since Ridiculousness premiered in 2011 on MTV, host Rob Dyrdek has popularized the show in such a way, the series now has several spinoffs, including Deliciousness, Amazingness, and now the newest one, Adorableness. Adorableness is based on exactly what it sounds like: adorable videos, but with a "twist." Hosts James Davis, Alyson Hannigan, Ross Matthews and Dulcé Sloan are prepared to bring a fresh new angle to Season 1 as this spinoff is already ready to draw mass attention with its adorable content.

During an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Davis teases fans with what they can look forward to on the premiere season of the MTV show. "[It's] just a really fun show, a great vibe between me and the panelists ... everyone's really funny. Everyone brings a fresh, different perspective and these videos, they're funny but they're a specific type of funny." The host then broke down the content behind the word Adorableness and that there's more than just cute videos to watch.

"Adorableness means that you go through a two-part emotional journey when you watch these clips," he continued. "The first part is just observing whatever is cute or adorable about the video, but every video there's a twist. There's some kind of left turn that happens. There's some moment when something goes awry, or some absurdity reveals itself, and that's when we laugh and that's when we comment. We also tell relatable stories that can be linked to the videos we're watching, so you're learning more about us as people while we're watching these videos. It's a quality watch, for sure."

The new show is entering its third week on-air as it hopes to follow in the footsteps of the success of Ridiculousness and its spinoffs. Deliciousness, which Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Thiessen hosts, just completed Season 2 and is hoping for more episodes in the near future. Messyness is next up in the franchise after Adorableness, with Jersey Shore star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi set to host the new series.


Dyrdek recently spoke about the financial success he's had throughout all of his years of hosting during one of Dear Media's Trading Secrets podcast. The skateboarder grew to fame in the world of television after his show Rob & Big premiered in 2006 (running through 2008), and fans couldn't seem to get enough. Admitting he's made millions off of shows like Ridiculousness, Dyrdek shows no signs of slowing down, just like the show's spinoffs.