ABC Still Hasn't Renewed Mainstay Program One Year After Its Latest Season

It's been almost a year since ABC's mini golf competition series Holey Moley completed airing its fourth season, and the network has yet to announce anything beyond Holey Moley Fore-Ever. TVLine reports that as of late June 2023, there is still no word on the show's fate, despite Season 4 wrapping in July 2022. Since ABC still has a couple of major shows in danger of cancellation and has yet to decide on the pickup of the potential Good Doctor spinoffThe Good Lawyer, it's possible the network could make its decision along with those shows. 

Presented by Joe Tessitore, Rob Riggle, Jeannie Mai, Stephen Curry, and The MuppetsHoley Moley has received rave reviews and somewhat steady ratings, with a 96 percent on the Tomatometer on Rotten Tomatoes. Although Season 4 was the least-watched season, ranking in only an average of 2.82 million viewers as opposed to Season 3's 3.16 and the first two seasons' over 4 million, the competition series has remained a mainstay on ABC, especially for the summer schedule.

It would have made sense for ABC to hold off on the fifth season airing in the summer for its strike-proof fall schedule, but even then, there was no sign of Holey Moley. As of now, there's no indication of when the network could announce a renewal or cancellation and how long it will remain in limbo for. Networks seem to be doing things a tad differently this year when it comes to making decisions, whether it's budget cuts or rebranding, or something else. Really, Holey Moley's future could go either way, but the longer ABC waits, the less likely it will be.

Hopefully, ABC makes an announcement about Holey Moley soon, even if it is bad news. Even with the show doing well on the network in the last few years, it's hard to tell which way they're leaning when it comes to a decision. It doesn't sound like there's anything concrete as of yet as to whether cancellation is likely, so at least fans have that to hold on to. There's just no knowing of what is keeping the network back from announcing it or if there's something behind-the-scenes that is doing the work. While waiting for any news, though, the first two seasons plus Season 4 of Holey Moley are streaming on Hulu, so fans will be able to watch to keep occupied and hope that this won't be the last of the show.