A New Teen Mom 2 Deleted Scene Shows Jenelle’s Ex Blasting Her After The Court Hearing

In the season premiere of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans was found not guilty of assault charges against her ex, Nathan. Not only did the internet freak out about the results, but so did Nathan. MTV released a deleted scene featuring Nathan and his girlfriend, Jessi, discussing the trial after the verdict.

After the case, Nathan and his girlfriend go out to lunch to discuss what happened in the courtroom. Both seem completely flabbergasted the results. Nathan even admits that he thinks even Jenelle and her lawyer were surprised at the not guilty verdict.

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Of course, like many of the fans that reacted to the news online, Nathan and Jessi, were completely disappointed at how the judicial system worked in this case. Jessi mentioned that most of what Jenelle's lawyer did was try to paint a horrible picture of Nathan. What's more, Jessi claims Evans tried to get the jury to feel bad for her by saying that she and those around her are encouraged to add drama for the show.

"She puts on a show," Nathan said. "And that's why she's on a reality television show."

This is the first of a couple of court cases that Nathan and Janelle will have to go through. The next issue that the two will face is custody of their son, Kaiser. Currently, Kaiser is living with Jenelle, but Nathan is hoping for some sort of custody as well. However, after the results of this assault case, he isn't very confident in the outcome of the custody case.

"I could have every piece of evidence, every piece of the puzzle that fits, and it just ... makes me lose faith in the judicial system." Nathan said. "If she has full custody, she is going to use him as a pawn over my head for the next 18 years."

What do you think of the assault charge and upcoming custody battle between Jenelle and Nathan?


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