'90 Day Fiance' Star Fernanda Flores Opens About Why She Quit: 'I Got Zero From the Show'

90 Day Fiance star Fernanda Flores opened about about leaving the TLC franchise in a new YouTube video on July 12. In the clip, she told fans she did get anything rewarding over being on the show, which chronicled her relationship with Jonathan Rivera. The former married couple, who starred in Season 6, split late last year.

Last week, Flores, 21, shared her first fan Q&A video on her YouTube channel. One fan asked her why she never went back on the show "to say your truth."

"The producers reached out to me when we separated, the same as they did to him. He answered them, he talked to them, he filmed with them," Flores revealed, notes InTouch Weekly. "I didn't."

Flores later claimed she was never paid anything for appearing on the show, but Rivera was.

"The reason why I didn't is, I got zero from the show. I got no money from it. He did. And I thought that was really, really unfair," she claimed. "I came here without money. And I had to get help from my family."

Flores also claimed the producers of the show "never cared about me or my situation" and never helped her out.

The former TLC star said the network and producers just wanted to "create more content" and "make more money off me," but she would have none of it.

"I would get zero, and I would get just problems," she said. "And I would get just bad things."

Rivera, 32, and Flores met in Mexico when she was only 17 years old. Rivera proposed after three months of dating. In January, Rivera appeared to confirm rumors the couple split when he shared a photo from his family's New Year's Day celebration with Flores nowhere to be seen. In May, he shared a photo showing the back of his new girlfriend, whose name he declined to reveal to protect her privacy. He revealed her face in a photo last month.

"What happened was things change, things change and people change and I can't help that," Rivera told InTouch Weekly after breaking up with Flores. "My feelings for Fernanda were real and Fernanda's feelings for me were real. Fernanda's not a gold digger. Fernanda didn't come here for a green card."

Flores remained silent on the split until last month, when she released another video in which she revealed how the relationship fell apart. She claimed Rivera was abusive towards her and found other women's underwear in his dresser.


"I wanna move forward," Flores said in the video before insisting it would be the last time she talked about her relationship with Rivera.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays on TLC at 8 p.m. ET.