'90 Day Fiance' Star Fernanda Flores Breaks Silence About Jonathan Rivera Split

90 Day Fiance star Fernanda Flores is telling her side of the story when it comes to her split with estranged husband Jonathan Rivera, sharing a 44-minute YouTube video titled "My Truth" and explaining what allegedly happened during their breakup.

The 20-year-old Mexico native said she's ready to share her story six months after the breakup, and started from the beginning, explaining that they met in Mexico in August 2016. They crossed paths at a nightclub and hit it off, and soon wanted to move forward with their relationship.

She said Jonathan, 32, asked her to be his date for his mom's wedding, but she hit an obstacle when her dad couldn't be his sponsor; he was going through a divorce and his wife was suing him for child support.

The next time Jonathan came back to Mexico, he popped the question and they were engaged. Even though Fernanda was approved for a K1 visa, she claimed that Jonathan said he had another idea and mentioned that he had spoken to a 90 Day Fiance producer interested in filming their story.

She said Jonathan promised that if she went through with the show, they'd live in North Carolina for a year, then save enough money to move to Chicago.

As fans saw on the show, the start of her life in the U.S. was a rocky one; she found another woman's underwear in Jonathan's dresser. She revealed in her video that she also "found a lot of stuff, not just underwear. Sex toys, pictures, movies."

She said after spending more time together that she realized their priorities were different. "He likes to drink way too much," she said in the video. "He did not have my best interests in mind." She also alleged that he wasn't good with money and was not open to discussing a budget that worked for both of them.

She said she attempted to go to community college to improve her English, but allegedly couldn't finish because Jonathan was too busy. She claimed there was no Uber or taxi service to rely on while Jonathan was away. She said she soon turned to the gym as a form of "therapy."

Despite her reservations, the two married in Chicago and relocated to North Carolina, where she said things went from "bad to worse." She alleged that she only had money if Jonathan would transfer funds to her account, and that their relationship allegedly became "abusive."

Instead of dealing with their issues, Fernanda said Jonathan "would just drink or smoke." She said she lost her motivation for life and even considered suicide.

The mental abuse soon turned to verbal abuse, the TLC alum said, alleging that Jonathan also put his hands on her a couple times. During one instance, she claimed they were out with friends and while she chatted with a fellow Spanish speaker for a few minutes, allegedly making Jonathan upset and calling her a "bitch." She said he forced her to get into the car with him even though he was "drunk and high and I don't know what else."

"I was afraid for my life," she claimed, adding that he acted like nothing had happened the next day.

She said she reached her breaking point one day when she found a condom wrapper with no condom inside. "I flipped out," she said, adding that Jonathan allegedly grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the wall, claiming it wasn't his and that she was "crazy."

When she finally was ready to go to Houston to be with her family, she said her phone was reported as stolen and that her credit card was canceled, so she had no money. She believes it was Jonathan's method to "control" her.

She said Jonathan was "talking to a lot of other girls" and that she saw "sexual conversations" between them while she was struggling with her mental health. She said Jonathan agreed to a last-ditch attempt to save their relationship by seeing a therapist, but that he never called to set up an appointment.


She said after two weeks of being Houston, she flew to Chicago to talk to Jonathan face-to-face, when he apparently told her he "wasn't ready" to be married. The two are currently in the process of getting a divorce.

"I wanna move forward," Fernanda concluded her video, saying that it would be the last time she opens up about her experience.