'90 Day Fiancé' Couple Slammed for Offensive Halloween Costume

Apparently Paola and Russ Mayfield didn't get the memo when it comes to Halloween costume no-nos.


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The couple, who documented their engagement and marriage on the TLC show 90 Day Fiancé, were slammed for their inauthentic Native American costumes, which included headdresses, face paint and oddly enough, cowboy boots.

Fans went off in the comment section of a picture the fitness instructor and model posted Tuesday, calling out the couple's misappropriation of Native American religious and cultural icons.

"Tasteless, Native regalia is not a Halloween costume," one chided.

"Ah yes a white guy in native headdress and an over sexualized Native American woman...this is not okay," another said.

"It's a Culture NOT A COSTUME!!" chimed in another.

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Others defended Paola, saying that as a Colombian national she wouldn't be acquainted as well with the uncomfortable history of Native American genocide and oppression in the U.S. Her husband, an Oklahoma native, wasn't given the same pass.


"She's from Columbia where no one gets offended as easily," someone said. "Granted, Russ should've known this is not a good idea, but in the end they aren't meaning harm and it's not right to just associate her as a bad person."

Being that the model is currently trying to win a Maxim cover model contest, which is determined by fan votes, it might have been a better idea to go with a less controversial costume.