'90 Day Fiance': Robert and Anny Go Apartment Hunting Only to Discover that Robert Can’t Break his Lease

Anny has been enjoying her life in the states since moving in with Robert. Granted, she's dealt with some drama from Robert's child's grandmother about her values but overall and Robert's friends questioning him, it's been somewhat of a smooth transition to her new grounds.

That being said, Anny found herself in some troubled water on Sunday's episode as her and Robert went apartment hunting. After finding a location that she deemed deserving of their money, it turns out that Robert may not actually be able to purchase a new home.

Robert informed their realtor while visiting the apartment that he just renewed his current location's lease for a year. He can not break that contract and the two are stuck living where he currently resides.

"But you say before I came here we are going to move, why you pay that," Anny asked Robert.

He responded that it was because she wasn't here yet. Anny informed him she doesn't want to wait to move in to their own place, especially for a year.

"Before I came here, he tell me he going to have a new apartment. Why you sign that then? You make me come and see this apartment and after I see everything I like it and you tell me, 'No we can't move here because I already have signed?' I don't understand that. It's f—ed up."

The drama has caused quite a stir on social media as viewers of the show don't understand why he would take her on the look for new digs when they wouldn't be able to move in to a new place.

"So Robert brought Anny to that apartment to show her what she can't have....," one user commented.

"Robert is full of it, why take Anny to look at apartments when you know you resigned your lease?" another wrote.

There was also the issue about his son and his sleeping arrangements. With the smaller apartment, Robert's son Bryson would be sleeping in the same room as them.


90 Day Fiance airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.