'90 Day Fiance' Star Paola Mayfield Complains About Show's Editing

90 Day Fiancé star Paolo Mayfield is setting the record straight and slamming editing for making her look bad. The TLC star found herself at the center of controversy following the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? tell-all, which aired Sunday. During the tell-all, Ashley Martson and estranged husband Jay Smith had opened up about their troubled relationship, and at one point the camera panned to Mayfield, who was laughing.

“Just to move on from this mess I want to clear something up and not for my haters but for those who I respect,” she wrote, according to screencaps shared by Soap Dirt. “1. I wasn’t laughing at her pain at how confusing was everything in that moment because we know what happened on social media and yes we were laughing not only me!”

“2. I was told by one of the producer that Ashley was talking bad about me and I wonder why?” Mayfield continued. “Maybe bc I called her out about all the lies on social media and the GFM money which I promoted it on my account.”

Mayfield went on to state that she doesn’t owe anybody an explanation for her actions before she slammed 90 Day Fiancé’s editing.

“I don’t own anybody and explanation but I’m tired how editing always make me look like s–!” she wrote. “I know I’m not an easy person and I know I’ve made mistakes in the past and I owned those mistakes but this is bs! And as for my husband and I believe if I am all that he wouldn’t be with me!”

Shortly after, Martson posted a statement of her own, urging her fans to stop bullying Mayfield.


“I see my fans made it over to Paoloa’s page,” she wrote. “Leave her alone. No need go bully people. Since she is yelling about editing and calling [TLC] out can you let the world know why I jumped up and left the building Pao? Still waiting on that [money] so I’m gonna be quiet.”

Although she is keeping mum, Martson has in the past slammed the TLC series, writing in a scathing Instagram post earlier this year that the series created false narratives. In the post, Martson claimed that herself and Smith had “asked (and agreed for some time) to fake our relationship by not posting anything that makes us appear that we are together” and that they had been “asked to be very deceptive about many things.”