'90 Day Fiance' Couple Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook Spotted out Together After Drama

Leida Margaretha and Eric Rosenbrook were spotted out at lunch recently, taking some time away from the legal drama they're facing with Rosenbrook's daughter Tasha. The outing with Leida, Eric, and his other daughters were captured on the 29-year-old's Instagram story for 90 Day Fiance fans to enjoy.

The story posted by Leida showcases the couple's entire trip to Driftless Glen Distillery in Baraboo, Wisconsin according to InTouch. The locale is nestled right on the Baraboo River, giving a scenic backdrop to the family outing.

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The video features Rosenbrook's daughters, Tanille and Jennica, who both turn their heads from the camera as Leida pans to them. The reality star continued to document the lunch date, rounding it out with a look at the delicious dessert the group had.

(Photo: Leida Rosenbrook / Instagram)

Despite the group outing, it is a small reprieve from the drama we've seen from the couple over the years. Tanille and Jennica turning away from the camera is small compared to some of the issues that sprouted up on Season 6 on 90 Day Fiance. This includes the ongoing legal drama with Tasha Rosenbrook.

Both girls took their sister's side when she was kicked out of the apartment she was sharing with her father according to InTouch. The pair also lived there with Leida and her son, Alessandro. Younger sister Jennica spoke out about the fight between Tasha and Leida that led to her exile, mocking her stepmother in the process.

"They got into this stupid argument because, 'Oh no, everything's not proper. Holy jeez, I'm gonna die,'" Jennica revealed in one of the show's confessional moments. "It doesn't mean you have to go on a rampage and kick somebody out."

Tanille also added her own take on the situation, laying some blame on her father for letting it escalate before acting.

"Dad definitely could've done better to try to fix the situation before it even happened instead of trying to do clean up afterward," she admitted on the show.

Tanille and Tasha both decided not to attend their father's wedding due to the drama and this helped to keep it going well after the show wrapped up for the season. The rivalry between Tasha and her stepmother has spilled onto social media several times according to InTouch.

(Photo: Eric Rosenrbook / Instagram)

That said, Leida did attempt to calm tensions and apologize, writing it out and having Eric post it to Instagram for fans to see.

"I care about your kids. It hurts me when we have to deal with this s--. Please reach Tasha. Tell her I care about her. Tell her I am sorry," Leida said in the statement. "I am sorry for what I've done to her. Please don't see me as a threat. She doesn't need to trust me or be fake or anything to me. She doesn't need to talk to me. But I'm open if she wants my help."

Despite this olive branch, Tasha posted a response to YouTube live and didn't accept the apology. This led to her stepmother filed a restraining order to stop Tasha from talking about her online, which a judge approved in February to block the stepdaughter for four years.


According to InTouch, she plans on fighting the restraining order in court.