'90 Day Fiance' Larissa Dos Santos Lima Seemingly Shades Ex Colt Johnson in Reflective Post on Deportation Saga

90 Day Fiance alum Larissa Dos Santos Lima shared a chilling statement about her harrowing journey [...]

90 Day Fiance alum Larissa Dos Santos Lima shared a chilling statement about her harrowing journey over the last year that some fans are speculating might be about her ex Colt Johnson. Dos Santos Lima posted a lengthy testimony to Instagram detailing how she had to run for her life and hustle to make all the money back that she lost. Though she doesn't explicitly use her ex's name, at the time mentioned, the two stars were going through a very public divorce — just seven months after they tied the knot.

"I ran for my life. I was cheated on and stolen of the money I earned through my made-to-order cameos. Having to ask for money, my coin purse never had enough money to buy a coffee. I ran without my personal belongings, that weeks before the incident was being hidden from me like clothes, makeup, perfume, and important papers," the mother of two said. "Yes, I'm sure it reads as silly for many that I was sad I left without my perfume. Well, it's not silly where I came from. I earned that perfume that I could never have where I was born."

"The plan to provoke me and have me deported failed," Dos Santos Lima added. "Thank God for the mercy of the American people and my amazing lawyer Adam. Because of their encouragement, kindness, and hard work, I'm staying. To all of you that have shown me endless mercy, understanding, and kindness, I promise you that I will give you more reasons to believe in me."

While the couple was still involved, Dos Santos Lima was arrested for alleged domestic battery twice in 2018. The Brazilian native accused her estranged spouse of cheating on her that December, and in the same month, the Clark County District Attorney dismissed the domestic battery case against her. She was again charged in January 2019 with first-degree domestic battery after having another fight with Johnson. Following this, he filed for divorce. A judge later reduced that first-degree domestic abuse charge to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct.

The 90 Day Fiance is at least in a very stable place financially. The star revealed she was earning at least five figures from her only fans account last month. Dos Santos Lima has since made her Instagram page private for reasons unknown.