'90 Day Fiance' Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Requests Spousal Support in Contentious Divorce

Larissa Dos Santos Lim, from 90 Day Fiance, has requested spousal support in her ongoing contentious divorce from Colt Johnson.

According to The Blast, Johnson has responded to Johnson's divorce filing by submitting her own legal paperwork, requesting that he be required to pay her $1,000 a month in spousal support.

She is also asking that the court allow her to have half of the household furniture and appliances, as well as half of the contents of the bank account.

Johnson filed for divorce from Lima in January, following an explosive fight that landed Lima in jail for assault.

She later took to the Internet to get help with her legal fees by starting up a GoFundMe campaign. That, however, was eventually shut down after it was reported as invalid by users.

"It's important to me. The immigration attorney, the divorce attorney and the criminal attorney. The kind of attorney I have to talk to about my case," Lima said during an Instagram Live stream, then going on to tell her followers that her online fundraiser was deleted after "haters" reported it to GoFundMe. "I not feel happy about it, I not feel proud about it, but it's something that I really need."

"I cannot work and for now just to have my friends help me with the situation, so I really need it," she later added. "To come here to beg—it's really sad, really sad for me."

Johnson has not been quiet about his side of the issues facing the former couple, as he took to Instagram himself to share his point-of-view.

"I don't understand my soon to be ex wife. She comes to America with literally nothing. The suitcases she used for travel I provided for her. On her arrival I already had clothes waiting for her to wear and everything she needed to start a basic life in America," Johnson stated.

"Over the course of months I continued to provide for her, gave her shelter, food, and supported her wants and dreams. When she wanted a dress or makeup I bought it for her. When she wanted to take ESL classes I found a class for her and drove her,he went on to say.


"When she wanted to go to a gym I took her to every gym in town and eventually she joined two gyms simultaneously. When she needed a doctor, lawyer, therapist I would always do what I could for her," Johnson continued. "My sole mission since her arrival was to see that she was happy, taken care for and nurtured. When she wanted to start her business I gave her a thousand dollars just to start. Every time she was in trouble, I was there."

Lima is due back in court for a hearing on the alleged domestic violence incident this month.