'90 Day Fiance' Star Jay Smith's Sister Poochie Speaks out After His Release From Jail

Following 90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith's release from jail fans have a lot of questions. Fortunately his sister Poochie is ready and willing to provide updates.

Smith appeared in court on Wednesday following two weeks in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center, according to Soap Dirt. Poochie, born Ornella Smith, revealed on Instagram that her brother was struggling while in custody. She shared the information in a Q&A session with fans, claiming Smith had been miserable and counting down the days until he would be freed.

He was taken into custody after the court accused him of Violation of Order and Contempt for Violation of Order or Agreement. The charges stem from an order of protection taken out against him by estranged wife Ashley Martson. Smith, 21, allegedly broke the order with a social media post.

As a result, Soap Dirt revealed he was facing potential deportation, but was granted bail and was on the road to release. Poochie noted that Smith could still be deported as a result of this incident, which was supposedly weighing heavy on him.

"He's not doing so well," Poochie wrote, according to Soap Dirt. "But he's trying to be strong and hoping for the best."

Additionally, Poochie said Smith was able to get a good lawyer thanks to a GoFundMe page set up for him. Soap Dirt reported that Smith expected that the legal team he hired would be able to help him avoid deportation. His sister was adamant that Smith would be the one to decide whether he wanted to stay in the United States or go back to his native Jamaica.

Per Smith's sister's Q&A, Martson did not visit Smith during his detention. Soap Dirt reported that she also slammed her brother's estranged wife as a liar, accusing her of faking a recently televised stay in the hospital. Furthermore, Poochie claimed Martson underwent a breast augmentation and tummy tuck — both of which she's vehemently denied.


In a separate report, Soap Dirt alleged that Smith was offered a deal to stay in America but there was a catch: Martson would have to agree to it. Smith's estranged wife allegedly considered it, but changed her mind after seeing all the things Poochie said about her online.

Martson addressed the situation in a social media post, according to Soap Dirt. She said she wanted to allow Smith to start fresh and "get it together." Martson later hit back at Poochie in a message, writing, "Let your brother know this is you and his stripper's fault why I won't accept the deal."