'90 Day Fiance' Star Danielle Jbali Shows off Weight Loss in Cute Crop Top Outfit

90 Day Fiance star Danielle Jbali has been working hard to lose some weight and now she's showing off the results. The 46-year-old posted a photo on Instagram of her wearing a crop top with the caption, "I have discovered this online boutique called [Amies] they have some really cute clothes. Please follow and check them out. This is an outfit, I got from them."

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Fans in the comments were amazed by her transformation. "Wowwww you lost sooo much weight. WOW," one wrote.

"Yall woman putting another woman down are wack af. Dont come on her page to type negative shit. Shes comfortable in her own skin. This outfit is cute Danielle! You go guuuuurl," another said, defending Jbali from trolls.

"You look AMAZING. I love that geometric look on you. Really compliments you while giving you that sassy sexy flair," a third person commented.

She announced in an Instagram post on November 3 that she has lost 15 pounds. She talked to In Touch Weekly about how she's been shedding the weight.

"I have been watching what I eat more closely, walking a little more and drinking more water," said said.

"Turkey taco meat with cauliflower rice, built bars, fruit, yogurt, sweet potatoes and chicken" are some of the healthy foods she told the outlet she's been enjoying. "I love chocolate, so at Walmart I found 100 calorie bars and I have one of them when I want chocolate," she added.

The transformation has not stopped her from receiving incredibly hateful comments from strangers online. She posted some private messages she was sent with the caption, "If grown people think it is ok to message someone this type of stuff. You need help. You only saw a small fraction of my life." The messages were extremely disturbing, with the person writing "kill yourself Danielle."

Fans showered her with encouragement in the comments. "That is disgusting behavior. I'm sorry someone would treat you that way," one person wrote.

"This is Horrible!! Danielle ignore this piece of Crap and Anyone who Says Such Things!! They Do need Help!!! They Will pay with Karma for Speaking to you like this. Im Sorry you had to endure this!!" another commented.


Jbali and her husband Mohammad divorced in 2017, but she has not reverted back to her maiden name of Mullins since then, saying that she keeps his last name on social media for account verification reasons.