'90 Day Fiance' Alum Ashley Martson Teases Fans, Trolls Amid 'Quarantine' Reunion With Ex Jay Smith

Following some blowback she received for a possible reunion with Jay Smith, Ashley Martson took to [...]

Following some blowback she received for a possible reunion with Jay Smith, Ashley Martson took to Instagram on Friday to touch on the matter. And as InTouch Weekly noted, the 90 Day Fiance alum also made a topical joke about the whole thing as well.

"Just over here gaining my quarantine 15. What are y'all up to," she wrote in the caption, before saying her plans consisted of "game night with some wine and Jamaican tonight." Rumors about the Martson and Smith reconnecting began to pop up not long after the pair took to Instagram with videos of themselves dancing and spending time together on Thursday. There was also some affection displayed between the two, which led fans to believe they worked out their differences. Smith even captioned his take on the post "maybe this quarantine isn't that bad after all."

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Of course, the comments on Martson's page were quick to inquire about the apparent reunion, and the former TLC star was there to shoot down any naysayers that decided to weigh in.

"Have more respect for yourself you are a mom it's embarrassing," wrote one user, before tagging their own user name.

"Why are you talking to your own self like that," the reality star fired back. "Self-love, sis! You @ yourself."

"Don't let anyone tell you how to live your life," wrote another, much more supportive fan. "Follow your happiness. If it's jay or if it's not it's no one's business."

Back in January, Smith opened up to Us Weekly about his romantic life after Martson. While he admitted he'd found a new girlfriend, he denied the rumors that she was pregnant.

"No, nobody's pregnant," Smith said at the time. "Not that I know of. Selena [Miller] is my girlfriend right now, but no one is pregnant. She didn't give no information to nobody that she was pregnant. I've got another big thing coming out right now, like a show and stuff, so that's not what I want to have right now. So [having a baby] is something I would not do right now. Just like a clothing line [I'm working on], a show and modeling. I can't really say what show I'm doing."

Back in October of last year, Martson told InTouch Weekly that "my only comment would be that I don't care to see him or speak to him."