'90 Day Fiance': Ashley Martson Meets With Ex Amid Martial Issues With Jay Smith

Ashley Martson is seeking advice from an interesting source after the 90 Day Fiancé star caught husband Jay Smith talking to other women on Tinder within days of their wedding.

In Sunday's episode of the TLC reality show, Martson prepped for a meeting over drinks with ex Mikey by getting a fresh set of hair extensions, but claimed the reunion was simply to get a male perspective of Smith's indiscretions.

"I didn't tell Jay who I'm meeting tonight, just because I know he would freak out," she admitted to the cameras. "I feel like Mikey's a really good person to talk to, because he knows me and he knows me on the level of dating me. So I want to talk to him about Jay being on the dating website and kind of get his opinion on it."

Calling her former beau "very mature" and "respectful," it definitely seemed like Martson was still a little taken with her ex, while Mikey admitted he definitely had feelings for her.

"Ashley is a great woman," he told the camera. "She's very loving, caring, beautiful, a wonderful mom, and she will always have a spot in my heart. Ashley's the one that got away."

After revealing that their meeting was one done in secret, Martson defended her actions to a questioning Mikey, explaining, "To me, it's like, maybe I wouldn't be out with my ex having wine right now if you hadn't done what you did. You're respectful and a gentleman, while he totally screwed up."

Hearing about Smith's Tinder conversations, Mikey advised his former girlfriend leave her husband, telling her to focus on the needs of her children and herself over Smith.

"I just hate seeing you this way," he told her. "When we were dating, you were always smiling and always happy."

"I don't think Ashley should have to worry about her husband running around on her," he added to the camera. "I'm very concerned that he's just using Ashley and she's going to end up getting hurt."

The meeting left Martson feeling a little "torn" as well, especially when questioned angrily by Smith on it.

"Seeing my ex tonight and realizing that he's incredibly respectful, he cares about my feelings, he cares about my kids and my future," she told the camera. "It's hard for me to look at Jay and go, 'Oh this the person I want to settle down with,' when I realize there's so much better out there."


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Photo credit: TLC