'90 Day Fiance': Ashley Martson Reveals How Old Jay Smith Really Was When They Met

90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Martson is clearing the air about her estranged husband Jay Smith’s [...]

90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Martson is clearing the air about her estranged husband Jay Smith's age at the time that they met, revealing that Smith initially lied. The couple were featured on Season 6 of the popular TLC series after Martson filed for a K1 visa for the Jamaican native. Speaking with In Touch Weekly earlier this month, Martson admitted that Smith was only 19 at the time they first began speaking.

"So I met Jay in January. He was 19. He told me he was 26. We talked for six months and then I filed for the K1," the reality star revealed."I was asking him personal information and he was saying 'Oh, you gotta call my mom.' I don't know, like playing dumb. And so I called his mom and she was like 'Jay is only 19.' I was like 'What?'"

Martson said that after learning the truth, she and Smith did not speak "for like three weeks," though they eventually began speaking again and moved forward with their relationship.

"I was kind of already in it at that situation and I just moved forward," she said. "So he was 19. That was in January, his birthday is in October, so he's almost 22 now."

Martson added that she initially didn't think to question Smith's age as things in Jamaica are different.

"The thing is, in Jamaica, you don't use IDs to go out to drink. It's basically if you're old enough to order it and pay for it, then it's yours in Jamaica. So I never really thought to ask," she said.

After tying the knot and moving both of their lives to the United States, things for the couple proved to be less than ideal. After their relationship was rocked by not one, but two cheating scandals, Martson filed divorce papers in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, April 23. In the documents, her second divorce filing, she cited that the "defendant committed adultery during the course of the marriage."

Although both Martson and Smith at first kept details of their split relatively private, Martson has since alleged that there were "multiple instances" of Smith cheating on her, and that she "did catch him in one of them."

In the wake of their divorce, Smith spent most of July in ICE custody in Pennsylvania for violating a no-contact order. Since his release, he has been spotted with his new girlfriend, Kayla O'Brien, whom Martson has alleged is pregnant with Smith's child.