'90 Day Fiance' Star Aladin Jallali Claims Ex Laura Has a 'Drinking Problem' in Heated Rant

Aladin Jallali is hitting back at estranged wife Laura's claims he used her for money, accusing [...]

Aladin Jallali is hitting back at estranged wife Laura's claims he used her for money, accusing the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star of having a "drinking problem" in a lengthy series of Instagram slideshow videos shared Thursday after she confirmed earlier in the week that their marriage was over.

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"I was never supposed to come to America!" Aladin began his rant about their move to Qatar. "I knew she did not have a Green Card and that she only had a temporary status. The stories she told me varied on when I asked. Sometimes, she said she was on a work visa, sometimes on a visitor pass. She did have to leave the U.S.A. She specifically used the term 'deported' with me. That is why she came to Qatar."

He continued in another explosive accusation, "I did see that she had a page in her passport that said 'rejected' or 'denied' from the U.S.A. She herself told me that she was twice refused boarding by plane to U.S.A. when we were together, so she entered by driving through the border instead. I saw she had ripped out the page with the 'denied' or 'refused' mention later. This might explain why there are photos circulating on the internet of her using a temporary green Canadian passport. I myself have not seen this passport."

Aladin also alleged that while he sent Laura money to sponsor him for a visa, she never submitted his application, spending the money on herself instead.

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Further addressing her claims that he left Laura once her pension was cut, Aladin continued, "On her podcast, Laura lied when she said that I left her after finding out that she lost her pension and could not sponsor me. Why? The amount she was getting was less [than] I received for my basic salary plus commission! The fact is, I knew months [before] that she had lied about even sponsoring me, and I told her to just leave it, and that is another reason why she was living permanently in Qatar. The timeline of those two events did not even coincide."

In addition to taking advantage of him financially, Aladin accused Laura of being "wasteful" and not helping pay for their lavish wedding like she should have.

"She liked to go drink in fancy hotels where a glass of alcohol was the price of a bottle she could have had at home," he recalled of her spending habits. "She told me she was sending money to [son Liam] and that she was supporting him financially. From what I read online from her ex, it seems she lied about this, too, and that Liam was helping her instead. In her podcast, she said that I kept the wedding money and my money as well as her money from the show. This is a lie."

In a later post, Aladin claimed, "She has a drinking problem!"

"I am not saying she is an alcoholic," he continued, "but she cannot handle her alcohol well. When she drinks, she becomes mean, impolite, rude and violent. I did not like dealing with her in these times. We were on a honeymoon, and she would get drunk until passed out snoring on the bed without even taking her clothes off or washing herself. How embarrassing when my relatives can hear her snoring from other rooms and acting rude."

The wine spat that fans of the TLC show watched back during their season was "staged," he added.

"What actually happened is in 2018, when she lived with me in Qatar, she decided to make wine in the closet without my knowledge. She did something wrong, and it exploded in the closet while trying to open it. I heard a noise, ran to the room and found a disgusting smell and all my winter clothes stained with this. I was angry first because it is illegal, and we could both be in trouble — me more than her. Second, why hide like a child? Why not ask/tell me? The producers thought it was hilarious, and they decided to go shopping with her to make the wine for the show. Again, I was upset, because this could have gotten us in trouble. Besides, as a foreigner, there are places she could buy [wine] for personal use in her home if she needed it that badly."

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