‘Dog’s Most Wanted’ Season 2 Reportedly ‘Up in the Air’

Dog's Most Wanted is reportedly "on the backburner" for WGN America, and Duane "Dog" Chapman is focusing on himself. Sources close to the reality star told TMZ that Season 2 of his new show is not coming any time soon. However, Chapman is not worrying for now.

Dog's Most Wanted premiered on WGN last year to an emotional fan base, as Chapman's wife Beth had just passed away. Still, the show is not guaranteed another season — particularly with WGN's changing lineup.

WGN America has changed ownership in the last few years, changing hands from different media conglomerates around the country. At the end of 2018, it became an asset of Nextar Media Group, which has just announced some new changes this month.

Nextar is changing WGN's primetime block to an ambitious new news show called News Nation, set to air from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET. The conceit is to offer completely objective, unbiased coverage of national news. Of course, this will eat into the time when Dog's Most Wanted and other WGN shows would typically air.

Sources said that Chapman would normally be filming new episodes of his show by now, but so far he is on an extended hiatus. The reality star is reportedly making the most of his unexpected free time — using it for self-exploration and grief management after losing Beth.

Chapman is also reportedly filling time with his favorite hobbies, particularly fishing. The reality star's favorite place to fish is in Colorado, so the source said he will be up there a lot for the time being.

Finally, Chapman is continuing his work as a regular off-camera bounty hunter and bail bondsman. The source noted that the job is still very real to him even when the cameras are not rolling. He is also still active in his related work with at-risk youths.

Chapman may not be too worried about his show, as it is reportedly the No. 1-rated original series WGN has. Assuming at least some of those shows will be safe, his will most likely be one of them.


In the meantime, Chapman is reportedly intent on staying active with his fans while the show itself is off the air. That means scheduling meet-and-greets and other live events where viewers can pick his brain.

Chapman is still busy handling family drama thanks to his new entanglement with his late wife's friend, Moon Angell. Chapman proposed to Angell during a recent taping of The Dr. Oz Show, and several of his children are not happy, feeling that he is betraying the memory of Beth. That episode airs on Feb. 3.