'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Slams People 'Making up Lies,' Spreading 'Fake' Photo

Jenelle Evans is calling out a "fake" screenshot circulating that purports to show a conversation the Teen Mom 2 alum had about being paid to promote a clothing company, claiming she simply wanted to "shout out" a local company. The MTV personality took to her Instagram Story Thursday to slam the "crazy obsessed" person "making up lies" about her.

"Now you all are going to make up lies about companies I promote for free?!" she wrote. "Just because I go into a store, buy some clothes and give the company a shout out does not make it OK for you to attack them!"

She then shared a screenshot of the conversation with a large red "FAKE" overlay, in which she was accused of writing, "Yes I am getting paid for it. They sent me the sweater so I could promote their company since they are local."

Jenelle Evans fake photoshop
(Photo: Jenelle Evans)

The other person in the fake conversation responds, "It's sad they would let you advise for them with your criminal record."

Evans wrote alongside the screenshot, "If you see this it's a fake screenshot. People are making up lies and sending stuff like this to companies I promote for free."

Pointing out a discolored square around the profile picture designating her as the author of the DM in the screenshot, Evans wrote, "You suck at photoshop."

The Teen Mom 2 alum is clearly upset about the messages being sent around, but appears to have figured out the person behind the photoshop scam. Sharing a screenshot of three direct messages sent to her between May and June from one Instagram user who called her a "joke" and brought up her alleged abuse at the hands of estranged husband David Eason, Evans wrote, "Oh it all makes sense now...this girl is crazy obsessed with me!"

Earlier this month, Evans opened up to PopCulture.com about how the negativity directed her way online affects her.

"It's definitely difficult, and sometimes, it definitely gets to me," she explained. "That's when you have to put down your phone, you have to step away. And you have to know when to do that, because it can get addicting, and you can be looking at it for hours. And then all of a sudden, you notice ... you have such a bad attitude towards everyone that talks to you. And you're like, 'Go away, I'm mad at my phone. I'm not mad at you guys, I'm sorry.'"


She continued, "So, you just like I said, have to step away. Can't look at negative stuff, just post it and that's it."

Photo credit: John Lamparski/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity